Here is the best personal finance & budgeting app

I tested all the popular budgeting and personal finance tracking apps out there: Mint, Personal Capital, Truebill, Prosper Daily, Albert, Level Money, Proper Daily, and more.

These apps can connect to most banks and credit card companies to pull your transaction history and track your spending. Some of them can monitor and help you cancel recurring subscriptions, or recommend relevant (or not) financial products.

Most of the apps I tried ran into problems such as double-counting credit card charges and credit card bill payments, classifying bank or brokerage transfers as bills (Truebill), not showing pending charges or credit refunds, unable to connect to my bank (Level), or having an ad-bloated UI (Mint) or just confusing (Albert).

While Clarity Money and Prosper Daily were OK, Personal Capital has the most accurate total and is best able to break down both my monthly expenses and income into useful categories. Because it’s funded by its high-net-worth investment management service, it doesn’t try to constantly sell me credit cards or bank accounts like most of the other apps. Get it here.

As far as investments go, Personal Capital is also the only app to show a detailed breakdown of my investments and my net worth (both the money I have with them and elsewhere, and even assets such as a car or gold bullion). Mint is supposed to do that too, but trying to connect to my brokerage always errored out, and their support team was full of excuses.