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Radical Strategies for Financial Freedom

My interests are currently focused on two topics: radical new strategies for career and financial success and the ideas behind Bitcoin.  I’ve spoken on these topics to various groups across the US and Asia, including conferences, meetups, and webcasts.  My talks are interactive and focused on actionable advice, and usually followed by extended Q&A sessions.

Suggested Topics

  • Radical Strategies for Achieving Financial Freedom (TOS-Con 2018)
  • Embracing an Abundance mindset for Financial and Career Success
  • The Future of Bitcoin: Why Cryptocurrency is the Next Money
  • Bitcoin Lost and Found: the world of crypto wallet recovery and how to keep your stash safe (Atlanta Bitcoin, 2018)
  • How to protect yourself online, no matter your security needs (Business groups in Shanghai, China, 2011)

Past Topics

About David Veksler:

David Veksler is the Director of Technology at the Foundation for Economic Education. He is also the founder of WalletRecovery.info, a Bitcoin service featured by Forbes Magazine and Bitcoin.com and a managing partner in Vellum Capital, a cryptocurrency hedge fund.

He has worked as an information systems architect for companies including Match.com, Education First, and Liberty.me. David’s interests include Krav Maga, biking, photography, gadgets, and giving talks on Bitcoin, personal finance, and cybersecurity.  His writing for FEE.org and Liberty.me has been widely republished.

Recent Talk: Radical Strategies for Achieving Financial Freedom

“You can achieve a net worth in excess of $1 million on a middle-class income decades earlier than commonly believed.
In this talk, David Veksler will present a proven, three-pronged strategy for achieving that aim. First, he will discuss ways that you can dramatically boost your earnings by aggressively investing in yourself.
Next, he will survey ways to improve your spending habits and show how adjusting so-called “fixed” expenses makes a huge difference in your savings rate.
Finally, he will discuss fundamentals of investing, common mistakes people make with their portfolios, viable “early retirement” strategies, and how to develop and automate a strategy tailored to your personal context and goals.
If you think such financial freedom is out of reach for someone with a middle-class income, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

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Your home is not a spaceship: embracing abundance

Why you should minimize your “fixed” expenses first
Full video (1 hour with Q&A)