Evolution and protein synthesis is the basis of biology

Biology has two aspects: the why and how. The why is evolution. The how is protein synthesis.

Evolution is best understood in terms of game theory. Protein synthesis is nanotechnology – self-replicating information systems.

The underlying theme of biology is information processing – the way systems interact, and the way simple systems create complex patterns. Combine the two and you can explain most everything about living beings.

You can learn the basic patterns of these elements in a few days. Everything you learn about biology afterwards will be filling in details.

Learning the game theory behind evolution will help you understand much more than biology. For example, human psychology and behavior, individual, social, economic, and political can be understood as a set of iterated game theory scenarios.

My point in saying this is not to reveal any deep truths, but to show how the essentials are missed for a flood of facts. (I refer to both biology curriculums in schools and popular nature documentaries.) No wonder half of Americans believe the world is 6000 years old.

7 thoughts on “Evolution and protein synthesis is the basis of biology”

  1. Hi David,

    “Combine the two and you can explain most everything about living beings.”

    Whenever something is supposed to “explain” everything, or even “most everything,” it never does. God is the simple explanation for many people, evolution is the second most popular superstition.

    I have no idea if some parts of the evolutionary hypothesis are correct or not. I know some parts are definitely incorrect. To put one’s faith in something which cannot provide a single observable example of that which it claims to be true is faith.

    There is not a single example of abiogenesis or of one species producing offspring that are a different species or of the transition of prokaryotes to eukaryotes or any evidence that there ever was such a transition.

    Since you are a true believer, perhaps you can explain, “The why is evolution.”

    Well, then, why is there evolution? There is nothing in the physical (non-living) universe that could possibly favor life. All life is a struggle against the natural forces of the physical.

    “The underlying theme of biology is information processing.”

    If you really understand information theory, you know if information processing were the basic principle of living organisms, all organisms would rapidly deteriorate, and by now there would be no life. This idea that life is just information processing evades the essential question, where did the information originally come from? The idea that some kind of system is self-creating and produces information out of thin air is every bit as mystical and superstitious as an any theist’s absurd beliefs. Replacing one kind of superstition with a one sounding more technical is not improvement, it just makes superstition less easy to identify.


  2. @saunders
    “All life is a struggle against the natural forces of the physical.”

    Absolutely not true. Life is the outcome of quantum physics. Atoms naturally come together to form the building blocks of life. Hydrogen combines with oxygen to form water. Nitrogen, Carbon, Oxygen and Hydrogen combine to form amino acids. Put those two together and you’re on your way to life. The physical laws of the universe pretty much require the existence of life.

  3. @justinhale

    Hi Justin,

    “Put those two together and you’re on your way to life. ”

    Easy to say. Apparently not so easy to do. As soon as someone has done it, let me know and we’ll talk some more. In the mean-time it’s only pipe dream.

    Ask youself a question. Consider any recently deceased organsim. Everything you say is needed for life is already there. How come it doesn’t just up and start living?

    Once the life is gone, and the physical process it is responsible for ceases, the process cannot be restarted. Until there is at least one example of life starting without life, to believe in it is as superstitious as any religion. That life only comes from life was discovered by science. Before that people believed what every evolutionist still believes–abiogenesis.

    “Absolutely not true. Life is the outcome of quantum physics.” Really? Before there was quantum physics, where did it come from? (Just kidding.)

    I do think people take these things way to seriously.


    1. “Apparently not so easy to do.”
      Yeah it takes an entire 13.5 billion year old universe and a 4 billion year old planet with a stable environment in the liquid water zone of its star.

  4. @justinhale

    Justin, you cannot possibly know this. It is nothing but a surmise, a guess, a Just So story. Your faith in it is as baseless as any religious person’s faith. It cannot be demonstrated or observed. You only believe it because it seems plausible, and it does, but it’s not science.

    However it probably does no harm to believe it, so long as you do not let the so-called evolutionist decieve into thinking they know all about human nature based on how human’s evolved.

    So why does no one ever answer my very simple basic questions?

  5. “Justin, you cannot possibly know this. ”

    Sure I can because obviously we exist or else we wouldn’t be having this conversation. If you think we are in The Matrix or are some type of hologram it’s up to you to prove that.

    I was talking about life in general not just human life.

    Some atoms of deceased organisms do live again. They just have to be recycled first. Hell all the atoms in your body come from dead stars.

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