FEE Marketing Strategy – 2018

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This document describes high level initiatives and achievements that the FEE marketing team plans to accomplish in 2018.

The FEE Marketing Vision

To develop the customer journey from the first point of contact with our core values to deeply held values and evangelism. We employ specific campaigns and strategies to guide and develop our audience through each stage of their intellectual journey.
Our key value proposition is to bring the freedom philosophy to people in a way that meets their needs and values, so they have a personal and intimate understanding of what liberty is and means to them. Our team focuses on effectively delivering content to our audiences at the right times and through the right channels.
1: Expand the number of people that our ideas reach, using both new and existing channels through targeted marketing.

2: Strengthen the relationship that our audience has with FEE, moving them further up the “engagement mountain”

3: Build insights about what we are doing, so we can improve our process and share it with others.

Our Services to FEE

Strategic Advice
The marketing team works with each department at FEE to develop new products and re-envision existing ones.
Before we market a product, we work with each stakeholder to evaluate what its intended audiences is, what value proposition it offers, budget, what key selling points we will communicate to customers, and where that products fits within FEE’s engagement mountain.  We will then develop a marketing strategy which encapsulate the messages, channels, and schedule needed to promote that product.
Email Communications
Email is an essential tool within our customer engagement process.  The FEE marketing team uses the marketing strategy document to plan a marketing campaign, collect or write copy, and create individualized (whenever possible) nurture campaigns for products.
We understand that different people respond to different content and have different tolerances for email.  Therefore, we:

1: attempt to customize messages into persona-specific workflows whenever possible

2: engage people using the channels that they engage with

3: optimize our emails for engagement and lead conversions
While organic traffic builds on FEE’s existing reach, paid advertising allows our content to reach entirely new audiences.   FEE’s marketing team has development expertise in presenting both our core values and our products via a number of advertising platforms, and in 2018, we will expand our paid content presence to new platforms while developing more sophisticated strategies.
Facebook and AdWords: new strategies will include much more intensive use of lookalike audiences based on engagement with past campaigns.
New platforms: FEE will expand our reach to new platforms to engage young people where they are.  These platforms will include Reddit, Twitter, sponsored list placement, and others.
Integrated analytics:  Integrate social media analytics…
Produce guides, landing pages and giveaways, videos, memes, infographics and other content that entices customers to subscribe to our content.
Organic traffic optimization
Organize and connect content on FEE.org by topic cluster, with specialized pillar pages that link together and synthesize cluster content and are optimized for SEO visibility. Choose content clusters and pillar page themes strategically through market and keyword research.
Partnership management
Manage and develop new partnerships for FEE making sure that we are connected and engaging with the best partners in the Liberty movement to expand our reach and exposure to new audiences.
Marketing research/analytics
The marketing team engages in market research to understand how to more effectively present our product to users.   Our research includes internal databases, analytics tools (Parse.ly, HubSpot) external data sources (i360, Quantcast), and original research (web and email surveys and focus groups).
2018 Research/Analytics Goals Include:


  • Deploy the YEAR Analytics Platform in Q2 2018 to present an integrated view of all our social media advertising and video analytics.
  • Create dashboards in HubSpot which present an accurate and comprehensive report of the effectiveness of FEE’s marketing process.
  • Conduct surveys, focus groups, and other research to conduct our inbound and re-engagement campaigns

Key Projects for 2018


  • Inbound Strategy Research


  • YEAR Analytics Platform (Delivered Q2 2018)
  • FEE’s Essential Guides
  • Pillar Pages
  • Inbound Nurture & Re-engagement Campaigns
  • ThinkEcon App
  • Partner Development


Working with each department at FEE

Here are specific action items we have planned for each department within FEE:


  • Distribute and promote new media produced by FEE and our partners

KPI:  Maintain $.1 per video click and $.75 per email while hitting 100% of budgeted ad spend


  • Increase search engine visibility (SEO) by deploying pillar pages
  • Improve FEE Daily deliverability and open rates
  • Cross sell products from programs & devo
  • Promote ebooks produced by FEE on fee.org and social media
  • Launch ThinkEcon app.

KPI: Boost content engagement from Facebook at least 25% (per Facebook Insights).  Boost daily reach to 110,000 visitors.


  • Solicit donations from donors on social networks – LinkedIn, Facebook
  • Create integrated Direct Mail+Email+Online campaigns
  • Collect donations on FEE’s Facebook page
  • Identify new donor candidates algorithmically
  • Re-engage one-donor donors to convert to them to recurring
  • Develop better understanding the buyer’s journey of our donors

KPI: Increase the number of online donors 25% in 2018 over 2017.  (2017: 896 unique donors, 944 donations) 1200 unique online donors in 2018. 60 online donors per non-year-end month

which breaks down to 2 per day.


  • Re-target known contacts (such as alumni and fans of related groups) effectively on email and social media.
  • Analyze post-conference surveys to align market with participant feedback.
  • Cross-sell programs more effectively within other FEE.org products.

KPI: Reach 100% capacity on all FEE seminars (& FEEcon) before registration deadlines.

“We are thinking in terms of registrations this year instead of applications, but for FEEcon, our goal is 500 Student/Recent Grad and 200 VIP

For seminars we are hoping for 100 for each high school seminar (except Harding, because they are managing registration). That totals 700.  And we’d like 70 for Clemson.

The max capacity for high school is 150”

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